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Rally van WERVIK

10 & 11 June 2022

Amateur journalist / photographer: You cannot request a media package. You can purchase your entrance ticket here. However, in exchange for at least 10 high-quality photos, all of which are free of rights and use, you can get the cost of your entrance ticket back after the match.

The same applies to the written media, if it can be demonstrated that qualitative articles have been published before and after the competition, that it can be demonstrated that the medium (website, blog, …) has sufficient readers/followers and that the person concerned is indeed has a link with the medium.

Submit photos / articles for reclaiming the entrance ticket via WeTransfer to with an additional email with details, proof of purchase (pdf) and account number.


Online tickets can be redeemed at:
- Thursday 9 June from 6 pm to 10 pm in ’t Kapittel Ooievaarstraat 33 in 8940 Wervik
- Saturday 11 June from 7 am to 12 pm at strategic points around the course. The redemption points will still be distributed through our communication channels.
- on Friday 10 June from 6 pm or on Saturday 11 June in the Rally Center


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KP Geluwe - KP Kruiseke - KP Wervik

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